What regular vaccinations and treatments are needed in Tenerife for your dog

Written by Steph Tufft Veterinary Nurse,Groomer etcwebsite.

As far as regular vaccinations are concerned, the basic ones are obviously the 7 main canine diseases including Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, Distemper and hepatitis.

In Tenerife, when doing the first puppy course of vaccinations they tend to do Parvo twice with a couple of weeks in between as this is more of a threat here than, say, the UK. Then you really should consider the Heartworm/Filaria injection OR monthly tablets. This is not present in the UK unless the dog has picked it up from elsewhere and brought it back. It is passed on by mosquitos and is only found in the warmer climates. It is a horrible thing and can kill your dog slowly, so it is wise to take precautions.

Rabies, again, not something required in the UK but sensible to have here and also it will begin your passport process.

Monthly de-fleaing and worming are important, especially if your dog is mixing with others.The spot on varieties tend to be most effective as opposed to sprays as the spray will only kill what is already alive on the surface, as opposed to un-hatched eggs.

There is a lot to consider when owning a dog but if you take the necessary precautions you can save yourself high vet bills later on in life, not to mention the upset and misery of if your dog came down with something you could have prevented.


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