pawsmallInformation kindly provided by Steph Tufft Veterinary Nurse, Trainer and Groomer – view her website
What things should I consider before I adopt a Dog
The first things you should obviously consider before getting a dog is, are you able to keep one where you are?. If you rent, make sure your landlord is ok with it. I have known of dogs getting chucked straight back into the pound because of an annoyed houseowner.The next very important thing is do you have time for a dog? Its not just something you can switch on and off. They are extremely time consuming and dependant on you. If you work very long hours, is it wise to bring in a 4 legged friend of this sort, especially a rescue as they could need an awful lot of time dedicated to them to undo any bad habits, bad experiences etc.

Do you have time to walk it? Do you have time to take it to the vet if it needs it? Do you have time to work on creating a bond with it? Financially are you able to cope with an extra mouth? Aside from the food bills you must consider vet treatment – both the standard variety in the form of annual vaccinations, to expensive surgery or other medical problems.

You don’t need the most expensive food to have a happy, healthy dog and if you study the backs of packages (as I have many many times) you will often find that the content of an in-expensive brand is exactly the same as your higher end food such as Hills.

Finally, and I think this one is kept till last to stick in your minds more than anything, will you begin the passport process in order to be able to take the dog to the UK or wherever it is you originated from SHOULD something arise that requires you to leave. Believe me, this can happen and one minute you are living the Tenerife dream, the next you are having to rush to the UK for whatever reason. Will you make efforts to ensure your dog can go with you? 

I think that if the answer to any of the above is “No” then sadly dog ownership is not for you. You have to think of the animal as opposed to your own feelings and if you are unable to provide the basic necessities then it best not to venture down the path of a canine commitment.

If, however you have answered “Yes” then there is nothing stopping you and the very best of luck with your new 4 legged buddy.


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