Think before you give your dog up to a Rescue Shelter

Think before you give your dog up to a Rescue Shelter – Written by Nikki Attree


The rescue shelters in Tenerife as in many countries are suffering because of the global crisis , less money being donated and more people giving up their dogs because they just can’t afford to keep them, due to unemployment change of circumstances etc. So inevitably now the shelters are becoming very crowded.

So to anybody who is considering giving their dog away to a rescue shelter have you thought through the implications of leaving your dog in a shelter. It might be an idea to visit a rescue shelter before you decide to give your pooch up, as a reality check. The rescue shelters here are very kind and hard working and look after the dogs as best they can with the restrictions they have with finances, volunteers and constrictions on space. But your beloved pooch will be in a cage a good portion of the day, waiting and hoping for a kind human to take him or her home. If your dog is large he could be waiting for years. I visited a rescue shelter recently and they have big dogs which have been there for four years !

Of course sometimes there is no alternative and personal circumstances mean your dog will have to go to a rescue shelter . But please don’t leave the decision to the last minute, try and leave sometime for finding a home for your dog yourself, he deserves that at least !

There are dog hotels on the island that will keep your dog long term then fly your pooch back to your home. Or maybe you have a relative or friend who could foster your dog for a while.

Please don’t just rely on the dog rescue shelters to help you out, they are currently overflowing with dogs to look after.


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